Status 7 July 2019

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Status 7 July 2019

Post by Patreon Feed » Sun Jul 07, 2019 3:48 pm

Robert updated his main website:
(Note the video was still uploading when I posted this, try again in 15 minutes if it is not there yet)

This is the last day of Vacation. In the past two weeks the weather was absolutely beautiful, sunny days with cool, low humidity days (except today). Unfortunately, I have spent just about every hour of it inside learning how to build a website with different tools to decide which techniques is best for us. After choosing Linux with HTML/ js (As opposed to ASP and windows server). I spent the rest of the time slaving over youtube videos learning how to use Deamweaver, Photoshop, BootStrap, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and other tools. Come see the new site -- its still under construction but the general structure is there.

I did get some other things done on the todo list; other items like preparation for paving the driveway got push off because the pavers had to pushed off their appointment with me. In all, I'm happy with the progress -- I think getting the website back up is important. Note. I will not have email until next weekend ( You can send emails, I will not get them to next weekend) I did not have time to configure my email clients to the new host and may not get time during the week to do it.

Thanks-- your Patreon Subscription dollars were used to purchase the Adobe Tools and to purchase the account for the new hosting service (I selected

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