Status: 16 June 19: Vacation TODO LIST

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Status: 16 June 19: Vacation TODO LIST

Post by Patreon Feed » Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:28 pm

21 June starts two weeks of vacation for me. I take the vacations to get caught up on both Ethereal mechanics and house maintenance. My todo list include:

1) Get website rehosted with links to all the videos -- get email fixed

2) Finish first draft of new Gravity

3) Finish back log of transvariance videos (patrons only)

4) Renew Graphics on youtube and patreon site

5) Rail Gun build start

6) Magnetic levitation experiment

7) Have bridge officer chat -- get some feedback

8) Home: repair structural wind damage

9) Home: Get ready for driveway to be paved

10) Solar: battery watering system

11) Solar: finish diversion controller

12) Security: replace DVR and security cameras

13) Arduino: get thermal imaging core to work for upcoming experiments

14) Raspberry pi: set one up and start learning python

15) Exercise every other day (minimum)

16) Make a posting to patreon members every other day (minimum) to keep them apprised of status

Measure of success: Start everything, complete at least half

My Dad says that I need to take time to relax. He does not realize that writing papers, writing software and building things is to me is the ultimate joy. Other people want to lay on a beach -- the would bore me to tears.

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