Important Medical Laboratory Equipment

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Important Medical Laboratory Equipment

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The refrigerated centrifuge is a device that mostly found in research laboratories, Educational & Research institutions, Medical Laboratories, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Blood Banks etc. It offers relatively low temperature ranges from -5 C to – 20C for some sensitive tests. Polygraph manufacturers always put extra care while manufacturing this device as this is a very sensitive machine. One minor mistake in polygraph machine will lead a serious issue. Polygraph test includes series of questions and its star with simple questions and later the level of question become high. Throughout the question and answering, all the signal of a person who is undergoing this test is recorded on the movie paper. After that tractable examiner, examine all the signals and detect lie with high accuracy. Polygraph machine also records the arm and leg movement for more accurate result This is a large piece of device and required high maintenance. Only an expert of a polygraph machine can operate this device and it very complicated and simple at all to use. With the advanced technology, this machine now becomes more advanced and it results is also very accurate than the previous.

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