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Interesting correlations...

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Interesting correlations...

Post by jakeb211 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:55 am

So here is one that I thought was pretty interesting after the pattern...
These results followed the idea that things could just be used directly when drawn this way(unfolded)...
This one followed the idea that the original shapes(without unfolding) could be used directly...
quicky crystal.jpg
This is all just geometric experiment using simple patterns, but many interesting things happened. I had to make changes to rules I was using to make the original postings('grace' in ten forward) which resulted in a 'cleaner' elemental results. I made lots of pattern mistakes in that one, lol ;) and I currently don't have any rules w/ how folded shapes might assemble or if they even should for that matter. I'm doing this as practice to help me visualize etheric flow...the empty space between the shapes.

I'm actually beginning to think that the original 'element' requires better representation, the pattern I'm currently using does produce emergent phenomenon(yellow is back in the center of the eight stop, green was the last color added).
Oh colors represent the addition of a new elemental unit to the system. order of addition: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, the purple was originally meant to represent an equal and opposite to the colored unit.
Anyway, enjoy!

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